Cosmology on Safari 2023 : 6 – 10 March 2023, Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Travel tips

Information for international visitors to South Africa

  • Plugs: The most common plugs used in South Africa are type M.  Please note that these plugs are generally not included as part of the most common universal adapters, so we strongly advise that you purchase an adapter either in advance or at the airport when you arrive.  Type C plugs are also often used in South Africa, but they appear less frequently than type M.
  • Phone and Internet Access: SIM cards and pay-as-you-go airtime and data are easy to purchase and are generally inexpensive.  When purchasing a SIM card, you will be asked to provide your ID/passport and proof of where you’re staying (your reservation at Anew Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris will suffice).  It’s usually easiest and most convenient to purchase a sim card at the airport since you can use your boarding pass in place of proof of residence.  You may need to ensure that your phone is unlocked before you can use a South African SIM card.
  • Car rentals: When renting cars in South Africa, please keep in mind that most rental cars have manual transmissions by default.  Automatic transmission cars are available, but you must explicitly make that request.
  • Tolls: If you are renting a car from King Shaka International Airport and driving to Hluhluwe, keep in mind that there are a total of R74 of tolls along the N2.  You should make sure that you have some cash in hand before leaving the airport.
  • Safety: It is important to take a few basic safety precautions while travelling.  When driving, ensure that all doors are locked at all times, and keep all valuables either in the boot (trunk) or out of sight.  If you spend time in Durban or other cities, we recommend that you avoid walking in unfamiliar neighbourhoods (especially alone).
  • Water: The tap water in Hluhluwe is safe to drink, and bottled water will also be available at the venue.  The tap water in Durban and other urban areas is safe for drinking.
  • Weather: The weather in KwaZulu-Natal is warm and sunny during March.  If you spend a significant amount of time outdoors, appropriate sun protection is recommended.
  • Malaria and ticks: The area around Hluhluwe is considered low risk for malaria, and many locals and travellers don’t take anti-malarial medications.  However, if you are concerned about the possible risks, we recommend that you consult a medical professional for further advice.  The mosquitos can be annoying, however, so we recommend bringing insect repellent.  If you go hiking in the bush, be aware that ticks may be present and can carry tickbite fever; we suggest wearing closed toed shoes and long pants to reduce the risk of being bitten.

Further information, including details about local buses, trains, banking, etc., is available in this guide from Venues for Conferences in Africa.