Cosmology on Safari 2023 : 6 – 10 March 2023, Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Price list 2023

Please contact for any queries related to hotel / trip bookings, pricing and payment.

Registration fee: R5 000.00

This includes the coordination and management fee, conference bag, lanyards, printing, bank charges, cocktail reception, boma braai, night game drive (which includes a braai in the game park), birding breakfast at False Bay, insect repellent and corkage.

ANEW Hotel Hluhluwe rates

  • Single DBB – R1 680 pp per night
  • Sharing DBB – R1 210 pp per night
  • Single 24-hour conference package – R2 290 pp per night
  • Sharing 24-hour conference package – R1 550 pp per night
  • Half day conference – R350 pp per day
  • DBB & lunch (for accompanying partners) – R890 pp per night
  • DBB & lunch (for accompanying children) – R400 pp per night

Examples of the total costs for various options are shown below.


Cost per conference delegate (based on preliminary programme) :


Registration fee                                               R5 000
Single DBB (Sun, Wed & Fri) x 3                                R5 040
Single 24-hour conference package (Mon, Tue & Thu) x 3         R6 870
Half day conference (Wed & Fri) x 2                            R700

TOTAL SINGLE                                                   R17 610 pp single



Registration fee                                               R5 000
Sharing DBB (Sun, Wed & Fri) x 3                               R3 630
Sharing 24-hour conference package (Mon, Tue & Thu) x 3        R4 650
Half day conference (Wed & Fri) x 2                            R700

TOTAL SHARING                                                  R13 980 pp sharing


Cost per accompanying partner :

DBB & lunch x 6                                                R5 340

TOTAL PARTNER                                                  R5 340 per partner sharing

Cost per accompanying child (under 12) :

DBB & lunch x 6                                                R2 400

TOTAL PARTNER                                                  R2 400 per child sharing


If accompanying partners and/or children wish to attend:

  • Cocktail reception
  • Boma braai
  • Night game drive which include a braai in the game park
  • Birding breakfast at False Bay

Then an additional fee of R3 000.00 per person is payable (less corkage fee which is not paid for accompanying children)


Costing based on preliminary programme :

  • Sun night to Mon morning – DBB
  • Mon morning to Tues morning – 24-hour conference package
  • Tues morning to Wed morning – 24-hour conference package
  • Wed morning to Thurs morning – half day conference + DBB – game drive and braai in Hluhluwe
  • Thurs morning to Fri morning – 24-hour conference package
  • Fri morning to Sat morning – half day conference + DBB – birding breakfast at False Bay


Alternative Wednesday afternoon activities

  • Emdoneni Cheetah Interaction – R450 per adult, R300 per child

Includes Transport & Snack Box


  • Boat Trip St Lucia – R600 per adult, R450 per child

Includes Transport & Snack Box


  • Pineapple Farm Tour – R180 per person


Insect repellents added to reg fee :

  • Tabard Mosquito Repellent Sticks – R49,95 from Dischem
  • Tabard Citronella Candle (120 g) – R56,95 from Dischem
  • No Tick Spray –  R67,95 from Dischem

TOTAL:  R174,85